Prof. Dr. Khadija Qureshi (CV),

  Phone: +92 22 2771262, +92 22 2772255-73 Ext. 4400

  Post Doc, University of Arizona, USA ; PhD, MUET, Jamshoro

  Area of Interest: Water Purification, Polymer Technology, Membrane Technology   and Separation Techniques




 Prof. Dr. Suhail Ahmed Soomro (CV)

  +92 22 2772255-73 Ext. 4402,

  PhD, MUET, Jamshoro

 Area of Interest:Natural Gas Processing,Mass and Heat Transfer  Processess, and Mineral    Processing


 Prof. Dr. Shaheen Aziz (CV)

  Phone: +92 22 772250-65 Ext. 4411

  PhD, MUET, Jamshoro

  Area of Interest: Clean Coal Technology, Bio and Food Processing, and Renewable Energy


  Prof. Dr. Inamullah Bhatti (CV)

  Phone: +92 22 2772280 Ext. 4409-6500

  PhD, UTM (Malaysia), Post Doc (USA)

  Additional Charge Director ORIC

  Area of Interest: Separation Process, CO2 Separation, Water Purification, Entrepreneurship


  Prof. Dr. Abdul Rehman Memon (CV)

  Phone: +92 22 2772255-73 Ext. 4409,

  PhD, University of Nottingham, UK

  Area of Interest: Algal biofuels, Wastewater Bioremediation, Bioenergy Engineering, Pollution Control Engineering, Chemical Reaction Engineering


 Prof. Dr. Zeenat M. Ali

  Phone: +92 22 2772255-73 Ext. 4403

 PhD, MUET, Jamshoro

  Area of Interest: Separation Techniques, Analytical Calculation Techniques in Chemical Engg. and Biochemical Processing


 Prof. Dr. Aziza Aftab (CV)

  Phone: +92 22 2772255-73 Ext. 4413,

  PhD, MUET, Jamshoro

  Area of Interest: Biotechnology, Water Treatment and Nuclear Technology


Associate Professors

 Dr. Muhammad Shuaib Shaikh (CV)

  Phone: +92 22 2772255-73 Ext. 4414

  PhD, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Seri Iskandar 32610, Perak, Malaysia

  Area of Interest: CO2 Capturing, Water Treatment, Energy and Environment, and Thermodynamics and Neural Network Modelling


  Dr. Imran Nazir (CV)

  Phone: +92 22 2772255-73 Ext. 4415,

  PhD, MUET, Jamshoro

  Area of Interest: Process Flow Modelling and Simulation, Numerical Techniques,Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Processes and Transport Phenomena



Assistant Professors

  Dr. Khan Muhammad Qureshi

  Phone: +92 22 2772255-73 Ext. 4407,

  PhD, University of Malaya

  Area of Interest: Particle Mechanics and Mass Transfer Operation





  Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti (CV)

  Phone: +92 22 2772255-73 Ext. 4416

  PhD, MUET, Jamshoro

  Area of Interest: Water Purification, Thermodynamics and Adsorption Process




  Engr. Aisha Kousar Abro (CV),

  ME, IEEM MUET, Jamshoro

  Area of Interest: Process Design, Environmental Engineering and Heat Transfer Operations




  Dr.Sikandar Almani (CV)

 Ph.D, GEPEA Laboratory, Universite De Nantes, France

 Area of Interest:Gas-liquid Contactors, Hydrodynamics, Mass Transfer Operations,Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Separation Processes.


  Dr. Masroor Abro (CV),

  Ph.D, Beijing University of Chemical Tech. Beijing, P.R. China

  Area of Interest: Modelling and Simulation, Heat Transfer Operations and Fluid Dynamics




 Engr. Zulfiqar Ali Solangi (CV)


  Phone: +92 22 2772255-73 Ext. 4410,

  PhD (Continue), MUET, Jamshoro

  Area of Interest: Physical, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, Water Purification and Chemical Process Technology