Chairperson’s Message

Chemical engineering is a discipline inducing various areas of technology. In comprehensive terms, chemical engineers think and design processes to produce, transform and transport materials — beginning with experimentation in the laboratory followed by execution of the technology in full-scale production. We are taking forward the vision of Vice Chancellor of MUET for making this university world class educational and research institute. To be align with this vision we are imparting international standard education to our undergraduate and post graduate students in the field of chemical Engineering. More than 60 % faculty at our department are PhD doctors from UK, France, Malaysia, China and Pakistan. Our faculty is dedicated imparting excellent teaching and research in the field of Chemical Engineering. At the department of Chemical Engineering you can pursue a degree program that combines the content in engineering and natural sciences to prepare you for your career as a chemical engineer. The curriculum for the bachelor’s degree course is designed to prepare the students for design, operation and supervision of the chemical plants. The curriculum is prepared by the Industrial Advisory Board further approved by Board of Studies, Board of Faculty and Academic council of the University. The department has well established core laboratories of fluid mechanic, mass transfer, Separation Process , besides seminar library and Computer laboratory. Water Research Quality and Analytical Research laboratories for postgraduate students. The courses are updated regularly to incorporate the outcome of local and global research in the field of Chemical Engineering. Industrial training and study tours are arranged regularly for field inspection and hands-on training in the projects of national importance in Chemical Engineering. The students are encouraged to work independently and are assigned projects involving design and other aspects of Chemical Engineering. Dear Students there are many universities that offer chemical engineering programs, in the country and worldwide, those students who study hard and commit to spare their entire time and focus to learning this field with full dedications will certainly be able to build a strong career, regardless of which country you study in or where you graduated from. I assure you this technology will bring you to the top.

Prof. Dr. Khadija Qureshi
Head of the Department/Chairperson